Roll Call
1. Call to Order - Chauncey Goss, Chairman, Governing Board
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Employee Recognitions
4. Agenda Revisions
5. Agenda Item Abstentions by Board Members
6. Big Cypress Basin Board Report - Charlette Roman, Chair
7. Consider Approval of the Minutes for the June 10th Workshop and June 11th Meeting
8. General Public Comment
9. Board Comment
Consent Agenda
10. Move Consent Agenda Items to Discussion Agenda
11. Public Comment on Consent Agenda Items
12. Resolution No. 2020 - 0701 : Acquire land interests containing 2.48 acres, more or less, in the amount of $69,440, located in the Shingle Creek Project Area in Orange County, for which dedicated funds (Wetland Mitigation Funds) are budgeted in Fiscal Year 2019-2020.
documentResolution Printout
a. GB Map_Tracts 26102-161_237 (003)
13. Resolution No. 2020 - 0702 : Authorize the transfer of a U.S. Department of the Interior federal grant funding restriction on lands in and around the Caloosahatchee River (C-43) West Basin Storage Reservoir, all in Hendry County.
documentResolution Printout
a. Martin_Exhibit A_DOI_Fund_Transfer_C-43_FPL_5-acre_sc
14. Resolution No. 2020 - 0703 : Approve for the purpose of monitoring regional water quality, the acquisition of a Water Sampling and Access License Agreement, at no cost, to collect data from an aquifer production well on property owned by Sailfish Point Property Owners’ and Country Club Association, Inc. in Martin County.
documentResolution Printout
a. Exh-A-1_Martin County Water Sampling Site
b. Exh-A-2_Martin County Water Sampling Site
15. Resolution No. 2020 - 0704 : Approve for the purpose of monitoring regional water levels and water quality, the acquisition of a Water Monitoring Well Right of Entry Agreement, at no cost, to maintain and collect data from a monitoring well on property owned by The City of Deerfield Beach in Broward County.
documentResolution Printout
a. City of Deerfield Beach Monitoring Well Site BF-6 (Ex A)
16. Resolution No. 2020 - 0705 : Authorize entering into a four-year Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) for the purpose of executing the Monitoring of Lake Okeechobee Sediment Discharges to Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie Estuaries, a project funded by the District and USGS Cooperative Matching Funds (CMF) by a joint-funding agreement, with the District’s contribution in the amount of $1,039,500 for which $361,908 is budgeted in Fiscal Year 2019-2020 and the remainder is subject to Governing Board approval of future years budgets. (Contract Number 4600004248)
documentResolution Printout
17. Resolution No. 2020 - 0706 : Authorize the Executive Director, or his designee, to enter into an agreement with the U.S. Geological Survey, for the purpose of developing Future Rainfall Depth-Duration-Frequency (DDF) Curves for the entire 16-county region at a total project cost of $367,304 for which the District's cost share amount is $183,652 and is budgeted (Ad Valorem funds) in Fiscal Year 2019-2020. (Contract Number 4600004244)
documentResolution Printout
a. SOW.Irizarry.SFWMD.060220
b. 20MCJFA0111_Pending
c. USGS_AttachmentA revised
18. Require the Seminole Tribe conform the emergency action and lists specific conformance criteria, along with additional requirements, within the Final Order.
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19. Board Vote on Consent Agenda
Technical Reports
20. Water Conditions Report - John P. Mitnik
21. Ecological Conditions Report - Lawrence Glenn
22. Public Comment
Discussion Agenda
23. Update on the Northern Everglades and Estuaries Protection Program
documentBriefing Item Printout
24. Resolution No. 2020 - 0707 : Authorize the official ranking of firms and enter into 3-year work order contracts, with two 1-year renewal options with the twelve firms listed below , subject to successful negotiations to provide Ground Application Services in an amount not-to-exceed $90,000,000 for all twelve work order contracts, for which Ad Valorem and dedicated funds are subject to Governing Board approval of future years budgets; the District will proceed in ranked order until agreements have been successfully negotiated. Walker Environmental LLC, dba Walker Exotic Tree Eradication Contract No. 4600004251 EarthBalance Corporation Contract No. 4600004252 Mettauer Environmental, Inc. Contract No. 4600004253 Applied Aquatic Management, Inc. Contract No. 4600004254 Aquatic Vegetation Control, Inc. Contract No. 4600004255 A+ Environmental Restoration, LLC Contract No. 4600004256 NaturChem, Inc. Contract No. 4600004257 Environmental Quality, Inc. Contract No. 4600004258 Ground Level, Inc. Contract No. 4600004259 Cardno, Inc. Contract No. 4600004260 Sandhill Native Growers, Inc. Contract No. 4600004261 Native Creations, Inc. Contract No. 4600004262
documentResolution Printout
25. Resolution No. 2020 - 0708 : Consider the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 proposed tentative budget update and approve submittal of the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 proposed millage rates to county property appraisers for inclusion in the notice of proposed property taxes.
documentResolution Printout
26. Resolution No. 2020 - 0709 : Authorize entering into a Project Partnership Agreement with the U.S. Department of the Army for construction, operation, maintenance, repair, replacement, and rehabilitation of the Central Everglades Planning Project South phase, a component of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan, and affirming the District’s financial capability to satisfy the obligations, as the non-Federal Sponsor, described in the Project Partnership Agreement, for which the District will be responsible for providing a 50 percent cost-share subject to Governing Board approval of future fiscal year budgets. (Contract Number 4600004250)
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Staff Reports
27. Monthly Financial Report - Candida Heater
documentBriefing Item Printout
a. May FY2019-2020 Monthly Financial Statement
28. General Counsel‘s Report - Paula Cobb
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29. Executive Director's Report - Drew Bartlett **Emergency Order to Respond to COVID-19"
a. IP Issued by ED report for June
30. General Public Comment
31. Board Comment
32. Adjourn